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Test recording

test for COM 101

Moms interview

In this interview we went over our life together, pointing out advice for my future, and her life when she was younger.

Dr. Isaac Jung. Ph.D. about composite material, specialize in Mechanical Engineering. Taught 30 years at St Martin’s University.

The competitions and having skills to finding a job. Experience weapons development research engineer for 14 years. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Covid-19. The motive behind teaching all these years. Would you study while your in the emergency room?

An interview with my roommate

This a basic interview with my roommate where we talk about what has led him to Saint Martins. Growing up in Alaska, he has some interesting experiences which might differ from what most young Americans have seen. Kip talks about...

Ekaterina Shkurkin and Suzan Porter

Life partners Ekaterina Shkurkin (64) and Suzan Porter (72) discuss the way that COVID-19 has impacted their connection to family, to grief, and ultimately, to a stillness that is only possible by the abundance of time in a safe place,...