A perspective of a country I had only ever heard about

Recorded May 19, 2019 Archived May 19, 2019 43:37 minutes
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In this interview, conducted in Lafayette, Colorado on May 18, 2019, Vithika Goyal interviews her mother, Komal, about her childhood, education, and personal history growing up in India. This interview seeks to answer the question “how are the histories we tell revealing of our personal truths?” To achieve the purpose of getting to know Komal‘s story and her beliefs while answering the question, the interview has been conducted through a lens of American history. She speaks to the hardships she faced growing up, the rhetoric she saw during the Cold War, and her perception of the world from her Indian lens. This interview shares stories of her beliefs and perspectives she has gained through her upbringing in India to her life in America as an immigrant educating and providing for her family.


  • Komal
  • Vithika Goyal

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