A Senegalese Story: From a Prankster to a Professor

Recorded December 4, 2017 Archived December 4, 2017 19:46 minutes
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From a straight A student and prankster to a professor in another country, life is full of surprises. In November 2017, 14-year-old Aram Sow interviews her Father Paap Sow to learn about his experience growing up in Senegal, West Africa and becoming a teacher in both Africa and the US. Paap speaks about his love of school and knowledge since a young age, and his experience being part of the fourth generation in his country to be able to go to school. He remembers his love of teaching and aptitude of languages. In this interview, we hear the joy of teaching, hardships of adapting to a new country, and the effect that school, and the willingness to learn had on a young boy.


  • Paap Sow
  • Aram Sow

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