A tragedy’s tole on family and development.

Recorded January 14, 2019 Archived January 14, 2019 09:18 minutes
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Nazi Germany isn’t the best place to establish a healthy relationship with your kids. This interview dives in depth on Justin Herz’s relationship with his dad, Frank Herz, and how that was
directly affected by his grandfather’s, Kurt Herz, relationship with his son. It starts
with Kurt Herz and Ellen Herz leaving dusseldorf in 1939 in fear of capture by nazi
soldiers. Frank Herz, their child, was only three at this point. Kurt Herz, his wife, and Frank Herz went all over the US, at a certain point the whole family was separated while Ellen Herz was in San Francisco, Kurt Herz was in Ohio, and Frank Herz was in a home for German immigrants. They finally ended up in New York where Kurt and Ellen would raise Frank who would raise Justin. I also talk about why Ian and I have our German citizenship, and the connection one has to their country of birth. It perplexed me on why we would become a citizen of a country that wanted nothing more than for my whole family to be dead. For Ellen and Ku


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