Aaron Green and Michael Kowalski

Recorded June 6, 2022 Archived June 6, 2022 40:48 minutes
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Friends Aaron Greene (48) and Mike Kowalski (55) discuss their time in the military together. They reflect on funny memories from their service, some of the more difficult moments, and what they are proudest of.

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M describes why he enlisted in the military. He says when he was younger he went into a real estate business with a friend but that friend stole money from the company. M says in deciding what his next move would be, he decided he wanted to join the Navy because he wanted to be in a submarine.
A says everyone in his family served in the military and it was expected that if you were a man in the family you had a duty to go serve. He says he enlisted in the military right out of high school. A says initially he was only going to serve for four years but it turned into twenty-six years.
M says he broke service in 1993 to get married. He shares why he decided to serve again. He says he was working a corporate job where he was making a lot of money but it was mind numbing work. M says he joined the Navy again in 2000.
M and A discuss how they were selected to interview to go on the USS Parche SSN683.
A speaks further about his career. He says he got super lucky and his career was blessed from the beginning. A says he feels like his gift in life is understanding people.
M and A reflect on the unique sense of camaraderie and bond that develops with other service members.
A and M reflect on some of the more difficult moments in their military careers. M says he has seen more bad than good from leadership in the military. A describes the type of leader he tried to be during his career.
A says he does not miss any aspect of his service except the people. He says he likes being home everyday and packing lunch for his kids. M says he is proud that he survived his service and of what he helped to accomplish. He says he misses the teamwork and wishes there were more collaboration.
A and M reflect on some of the funny memories from their time in service together.
A and M share their gratitude for one another and their friendship. They say that although they are very different and disagree on a lot, there is a baseline of respect for one another and that is something they wish more people learned nowadays.


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