Ade Oluokun and Cole Johnston

Recorded June 17, 2023 Archived June 17, 2023 43:01 minutes
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New friends Cole Johnston (25) and Ade Oluokun (29) talk about the most important people in their lives, their biggest inspirations and what they hope for the future.

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Cole (C) asks Ade (A) who the most important person in her life is. A shares that she has always loved literature, and specifically Malcolm X's work.
C talks about Bell Hooks and answers the same question he asked.
A answers what reading looks like for now and C talks about his "finsta".
A talks about the newsletter she started and fighting against negative self talk.
C explains what "finsta" is and how he uses it to explore new worldviews and to connect. He also shares a recent example of content he posted.
C asks who A writes for and what she writes about. A shares quotes she has tattooed on her.
A shares about her current existential crisis of who she is versus where she thought she would be at this age.
C asks A how she would like to be remembered.
C shares who the love of his life is and what that person has showed him.
A talks about her soul sister and how she has changed her life.
C shares story of how his "plutonic husband" has helped him get over some fears and patterns.
Both participants share what their future holds.


  • Ade Oluokun
  • Cole Johnston

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Hauser & Wirth Gallery

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