Adele Johnson and Carolyn Bornfleth

Recorded October 20, 2023 Archived October 20, 2023 40:04 minutes
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Cousins Carolyn Bornfleth (68) and Adele Johnson (72) remember their ancestor Maria Rosa Villalpando, who was captured by the Comanche tribe in 1760. They discuss how Villalpando ultimately came to lead an independent life in St. Louis, MO and bond over their shared appreciation of family history.

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Adele Johnson (A) introduces her ancestor Maria Rosa Villalpando, who was held captive for almost a decade by the Comanche and Pawnee Native American tribes.
A and Carolyn Bornfleth (C) speak about how they first learned about Maria Rosa.
A and C talk about how Maria Rosa has impacted their own lives.
A shares a letter that describes Maria Rosa’s capture and ransom.
A and C speak about Maria Rosa’s life after gaining her freedom.
A talks about her trip to Taos to see Maria Rosa’s old community.
A discusses the enslaved people present in Maria Rosa’s household and her relationship to them.
A talks about moving back to St. Louis and meeting C for the first time.
A talks about how Maria Rosa is memorialized in St. Louis and Taos.


  • Adele Johnson
  • Carolyn Bornfleth

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