Aimee [No Name Given] and Stan Burke

Recorded July 9, 2023 Archived July 9, 2023 49:16 minutes
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One Small Step partners Aimee [No Name Given] (44) and Stan Burke (66) discuss government size and the importance of social programs, gender identity, raising children with and without special needs, the state of democracy and our electoral system. and the complicated feelings around loving this country.

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Both Aimee [No Name Given] and Stan Burke wanted to participate because they have small social circles where everyone thinks similarly to them.
Both participants had similar upbringings, growing up close to nature and playing outside with a lot of independence.
Aimee muses that her kids have a similar upbringing to hers, with a lot of unstructured play outside, only they are home-schooled and have the internet. Stan is glad he's not raising children during the internet age. One thing Aimee loves about technology today is that her kids have phones so they can always reach her and she can reach them.
Stan asks Aimee if she's concerned about a lack of socialization with home-schooling her kids. Aimee recognizes that home-schoolers get this question a lot and that the co-ops they belong to help with this. And they appreciate the lack of bullying in a home-schooled environment. She acknowledges that the co-ops and the internet help with teaching higher levels subjects as well. And that diverging from the norm is risky, but so is sending kids to school.
Stan asks how faith affects political views. He's grudgingly pro-choice and not a fan of gay marriage, believing that marriage is between a man and a woman, but that it doesn't affect him and he doesn't care what people do in the privacy of their homes.
Aimee acknowledges the divide between Christian conservative home-schoolers and crunchy hippie home-schoolers.
Have you ever felt patriotic? Stan feels very patriotic recognizing the terrible history of this country but that we are always trying to do better.
Aimee tries to teach her children to step away from inflammatory content on the internet.
Have you ever been inspired by a political figure? Stan's is Reagan. He heard a speech than made him think This is a great country.
Stan asks Aimee if kids think about gender because of the internet, because he never thought about it. Aimee thinks the thinking has changed since she was growing up, sees a correlation between neurodiversity and gender identity and trusts people to know what is best for themselves. Stan thinks the numbers are small; Aimee says the connection to others through the internet is strong.
Stan and Aimee discuss living in older houses. Stan wonders how younger people can afford to buy a house these days. Aimee names structural privilege; her parents helped them.
Aimee discusses the importance of medicaid in support of their special needs child. Stan appreciates the support of medicaid and social security and his 401k, but believes in doing for yourself. He acknowledges how hard it must be with a special needs child. Aimee names the privilege of having a husband with a job at the university so she can stay home with their special needs child and homeschool.
Aimee discusses her love of learning and Stan shares his piano practice.
One thing they'll take away from this. Stan thinks they're not so far apart. Aimee says he's not what she would have expected from someone who supports DeSantis.


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