Alexandra Wohlgemuth and Jack Wilkin

Recorded July 24, 2023 Archived July 24, 2023 53:37 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Alexandra Wohlgemuth (34) and Jack Wilkin (27) talk about being open, Christianity and how we see the world, questioning things, having tough conversations, and the difference one person can make.

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Alexandra Wohlgemuth (AW) talks about how religion makes her see the world, becoming more open, and questioning things.
Jack Wilkin (JW) ask AW about her science beliefs, and AW talks about being pro-choice while her church is pro-life.
They discuss how surreal it was when Trump won the election in 2016.
JW talks about how hard it is to have these conversations. They discuss social media vs face-to-face.
They talk about people who have influenced them in their lives.
JW talks about his political values, being conservative but feeling disillusioned.
They talk about corruption in politics and the democratic process.
JW talks about extremism, listening, and making decisions. AW talks about balancing between common ground and staying true to what you believe.


  • Alexandra Wohlgemuth
  • Jack Wilkin

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