Alison Westermann and David Westermann

Recorded February 3, 2023 Archived February 3, 2023 36:50 minutes
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Husband and wife David Westermann (42) and Alison Westermann (42) talk about parenthood and raising their children in El Paso, Texas. They also reflect on the value of diversity and learning from those different than themselves.

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[Track One] David Westermann (DW) asks Alison Westermann (AW) how being a parent has changed her.
DW reflects on how having children has caused him to think outside himself more.
[Track Two] DW talks about how he was surprised by how much he loves being a dad.
AW reflects on moving to El Paso and the opportunities it affords her kids.
DW talks about the cultural richness of El Paso and immersing his kids in a diverse area.
DW and AW reflect on Judaism in their family and their kids' pride in being Jewish.
DW and AW talk about the affordability of different homes and lifestyles.
AW tells DW, "I can't imagine being a parent without you."


  • Alison Westermann
  • David Westermann

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