Alta Birdsong, Laura Peterson, and Carol Harman

Recorded August 26, 2023 Archived August 26, 2023 38:46 minutes
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Alta Flowers Birdsong (89) tells her sorority sisters Laura Peterson (51) and Carol Harman [no age given] about her life and involvement in the Delta Gamma sorority and sorority alumni associations.

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AB talks about being a woman in the accounting field in the 1950s.
LP talks about sorority demographics and AB remembers college integration.
AB talks about her time working for Texas Instruments.
AB talks about the birth of her daughter.
AB talks about joining the Delta Gamma Sorority Alumni Association and meeting Judge Sarah T. Hughes.
AB talks about moving to Atlanta.
AB talks about getting involved in the Atlanta chapter of the Delta Gamma Sorority Alumni Association.
AB talks about her experiences with the Atlanta Alumni Panhellenic Association.
AB talks about her involvement with the American Association of University Women.
AB shares some advice she has for young sorority women.
AB talks about the Delta Gamma sisters that have meant a lot to her.


  • Alta Birdsong
  • Laura Peterson
  • Carol Harman

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Atlanta History Center

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