Andrea Bordeau and Arik Ohnstad

Recorded November 1, 2021 Archived November 1, 2021 42:31 minutes
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Andrea Bordeau (37) and Arik Ohnstad (47), colleagues at Vanderbilt University, reflect on how the COVID-19 crisis impacted their work in global education.

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- Arik asks Andrea when she realized her work life would change during the pandemic.
- Arik explains when he first realized things were changing because of the pandemic.
- Andrea speaks about how the pandemic impacted her and Arik's work in global safety and study abroad.
- Andrea notes that the peak of the pandemic was much earlier for her and Erik because of the nature of their work.
- Arik talks about his role working in the undergraduate study abroad program.
- Andrea talks about her role as the Director of Safety and Security and working with the organization, Pulse: International Health and Safety Professionals in Higher Education.
- Arik speaks about the collaboration between him and Andrea during the COVID-19 crisis.
- Andrea shares the professional challenges she faced including Morocco's decision to close their airspaces while Vanderbilt students were studying there.
- Arik and Andrea share the lessons they learned from the pandemic.
- Andrea shares how Arik's optimism inspires her.
- Andrea shares the current plans for international study and the conversation around ethics.
- Arik and Andrea talk about how the COVID-19 crisis changed how they think about risk and safety for their students.
- "In reality, COVID-19 is not the only challenge for our students," Andrea states.
- Arik asks Andrea what pandemic-related accomplishment or experience she is most proud of. Andrea also asks Arik the same question.
- Andrea and Arik reflect on the things that have brought them the most joy.


  • Andrea Bordeau
  • Arik Ohnstad

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