Andrew Nemr and Adam Koplan

Recorded April 26, 2022 Archived April 26, 2022 44:46 minutes
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Adam Koplan (48) talks to his friend Andrew Nemr (41) about Andrew's life and career as a tap dancer.

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AN talks about how his parents met and fell in love in Beirut.
AN talks about how his parents left Beirut and made it to Paris, France.
AN talks about some memories from childhood and how he got into dance classes.
AN talks about seeing the movie Tap and being so influenced by it he decides to focus on tap dancing.
AN talks about being in a workshop led by Savion Glover and auditioning with him later that year.
AN talks about the difficulty he's faced being a white dancer in a predominantly Black dance world.
AN talks about the complexity of seeing tap through an oral tradition lens.


  • Andrew Nemr
  • Adam Koplan

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Atlanta History Center

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