Anindita Anaam and Timber Smith

Recorded August 23, 2023 Archived August 23, 2023 36:26 minutes
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Coworkers Anindita "Andy" Anaam (36) and Timber Smith (49) talk about working in local government, living in Wisconsin, and how they support one another as colleagues.

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Timber Smith (T) recalls what was going through his head when he interviewed Anindita "Andy" Anaam (A) for her role.
T says he is a father, a husband, and he served in the military before working in local government.
A describes what her move from Reno to Appleton was like. A says she is from Delhi, India and moved continents for her job. A adds that she is a south Asian classically trained dancer.
A shares about her experience as an immigrant.
T says he is a Black male who works in the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) space. He describes his approach to DEI work.
T explains what have been some of the hardest moments in his line of work.
T says he's lived in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, a sundown town, for nearly thirty years. He describes the damaging narratives about the Black population in the town.
T describes what he might change if he could have some redos in life.
A says she has a nine year old son. She talks about her approach to parenting.
A says one of the proudest moments of her life was when she got her green card.
T details what lessons he learned from serving in the United States military.
A and T share how they support one another through trials and tribulations.
T emphasizes the importance of having the support of a friend when you are a minority in the workplace.
T says he is looking forward to being a grandfather.
A says she wants to continue to grow in the government sector. A says she also wants to continue to develop her dance skills.
A and T share closing thoughts.


  • Anindita Anaam
  • Timber Smith

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Aging & Disability Resource Center of Brown County

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