Ann Resnick and Nancy Quam

Recorded August 25, 2023 Archived August 25, 2023 48:43 minutes
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One Small Step partners Ann Resnick (68) and Nancy Quam (67) have a conversation about avoiding politics with family, the potential complexities of AI, and the experience of politics in their states.

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Nancy Quam (N) and Ann Resnick (A) share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
A shares what brought her to Kansas.
N describes the troubles she has talking politics with her family.
N speaks to times where she is uncomfortable with people who call themselves patriotic.
The two discuss the potential impacts of AI.
A and N discuss political areas that people need more time to understand and accept.
N shares her thoughts on the current climate for teachers.
A asks N what she would tell her younger self.


  • Ann Resnick
  • Nancy Quam

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