Anne Hensley and Chafe Hensley

Recorded August 4, 2023 Archived August 4, 2023 38:46 minutes
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Spouses Anne Hensley (49) and Chafe Hensley (48) discuss their future, happiness, the importance of community, and their joint business venture Weirder Wonderland LLC.

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Anne Hensley (A) asks Chafe Hensley (C) what his future holds.
C talks about his career trajectory.
A and C talk about the naming of their business.
A discusses their word and the choice to include it in her and C’s business name.
A tells C what she would tell him if it were their last conversation.
A and C talk about travel and music.
A tells C what she is most grateful for.
A asks C about his decision to become a muralist.
A discuss her and C seeing their worth.
C questions A about their approach to work.


  • Anne Hensley
  • Chafe Hensley

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Kalamazoo Public Library

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