Annette Bergins and Jim Chojnacki

Recorded April 23, 2023 Archived April 23, 2023 48:16 minutes
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One Small Step partners Annette Bergins (86) and Jim Chojnacki [no age given] discuss how formative experiences with their families and the neighborhoods they grew up in influence their political views.

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Annette Bergins (AB) discusses why she signed up for One Small Step.
Jim Chojnacki (JC) and AB discuss his grandparents' immigration.
JC asks AB about her mother and they discuss the racial makeups of the neighborhoods they grew up in.
AB speaks more about her mother, and how her political views affected her growing up.
AB discusses a transformative moment in her own politics.
JC discuss his early political memories and how his views have changed over time.
JC reflects that he and AB seem to have both moved on from anger in their lives. AB talks about never really forgiving her mother.
JC discusses his difficult relationship with his parents.
AB asks JC about his views on gun control and abortion.
AB and JC discuss their hopes for the future.


  • Annette Bergins
  • Jim Chojnacki

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