Arvin Fontarum and Shasta Steinert

Recorded August 26, 2023 Archived August 26, 2023 44:51 minutes
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One Small Step participants Shasta Steinert (28) and Arvin Fontarum (38) talk about not being fully represented by either political party, the way people express their beliefs to others, and how learning and experiencing more has shaped their beliefs today.

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Shasta Steinert and Arvin Fontarum discuss the influence their parents and grandparents had on their American perspective.
The pair discuss their feelings around the two party system and feeling alienated by both sides.
Arvin discusses the importance of teaching his children to care more about being kind than being right.
The pair discuss the challenges of growing up in non-diverse communities and their first memories of witnessing racism.
Shasta and Arvin share their opinions on abortion issues.
The pair discuss the LGBT community and feeling misunderstood by the other side of the isle.
Arvin and Shasta exchange their hopes for the future.


  • Arvin Fontarum
  • Shasta Steinert

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