Ash [No Name Given] and David [No Name Given]

Recorded June 11, 2023 Archived June 11, 2023 40:08 minutes
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Friends Ash [No Name Given] (23) and David [No Name Given] (33) discuss David being a survivor of the Club Q mass shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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D talks about being on stage for a memorial for the Club Q shooting.
A talks about her experience as a teller in the banking industry.
D recalls their work testing individuals for HIV.
A talks about missing Club Q.
A and D discuss their hopes that Club Q will reopen in a different location.
D talks about being in Club Q on the night of the mass shooting.
A recalls the day of the Club Q shooting.


  • Ash [No Name Given]
  • David [No Name Given]

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Plaza of the Rockies


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