Asian in Urban Education: High School Teachers Talk Race

Recorded May 24, 2016 Archived May 24, 2016 23:53 minutes
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Takeru and Esther are young Asian-American high school teachers in the south coast of Massachusetts. They teach next to each other in a community whose diverse population is not reflective of their racial or ethnic background. As they end their second year of teaching, they talk about their racial identity as educators and discuss the unique challenges (and privileges) associated with teaching in urban education while being Asian.

[0:00-2:00] About Our School

[2:01-9:11]: Being Asian in School
- "Are you Chinese?" (2:31-4:54)
- Twitter racism (4:55-7:00)
- "CHINK" on the board (7:01-9:11)

[9:12-20:47] Responding to Racism, Bias, and Stereotypes
- "I know you notice that I'm Asian: Let's talk about it" (9:12-12:10)
- My identity matters to students (12:11-15:11)
- Talking race and racism in the classroom (15:12-17:15)
- Acknowledging our privilege (17:16-19:03)
- "You teach English?!" (19:04-20:47)

[20:48-23:53] "Our existence is political!"


  • Takeru Nagayoshi
  • Esther Jeong

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