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Joseph Brown, 29, talks to his mother Sybil Brown, 67, about her life growing up in rural Georgia, her education in Athens, GA., and her move to and life in Atlanta, GA.


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00:12 I'm Joseph Brown. I'm 29 years old today is date is July 15th, 2010 or in Atlanta, Georgia, and I am the son of the Storyteller.

00:25 Hello, my name is Sybil Brown. I'm 67 years old today's date is July 15th, 2010. We're in Atlanta Georgia, and I'm here with my son and the mother Joseph brand my son.

00:42 A mom for about six days away from from the big move down to Tifton. What do you think about your son moving to the country of some fifty years after he moved away? Well, I'm really excited about that because I think that this going to be a move and I'll country to go back to the country and start growing out on foods and to get that that small community life. That's so wonderful raising children, and I am really excited about it. I think you will really love it and you won't it'll be a wonderful place to raise your child Benjamin and other children, hopefully,

01:26 Mom, do you have good memories of growing up in the country? What are some of the what are some of your best memories of growing up in in a rural area?

01:35 Well, I remember we had to grow our own food. We had I wear hat on vegetables. We did not grow fruits. But we had we had cows of which I had to pet song to Brahma Bulls. When was named pretty baby. And the other was a great when I don't remember her name, but they were my favorite pets and we had dogs and meerkats and I had to bantam roosters and they will know we we did we have to be really creative because when I was growing up, we only went to town once a week and that was on Saturday and my mother went through only two grocery stores in the town and my mother went into the store to shop and she made us sit in the car. And so that's the point at which I became a people Watcher and I've always been interested people. In fact, some people say why you staring at me and it's not that I'm staring. I'm just interested in them because I never got to be around many people growing up We Live 5 miles out in the country.

02:35 We had a dirt road and we did not get the road Pavement in Hermantown, which was in office. He was the governor of Georgia and I think I was about 16 or 17 years old almost ready to go to college. My father used to call her a dirt road Sports and if it rained a lot we had to stay in the ruts. We also had to do interest in things though to entertain ourselves for since we had a big belly washes and my mother always said go outside. What's a gully wash? I don't know if and when it rains is like a rose in the water rushes down. So we was back then we had this big match boxes with these long matches and we would take those and we make boats sail boats out of range. Mama said go outside in the rain. So we go outside. We make mud puddles that we would float those on the ocean. Just tell you to go outside in the rain.

03:35 Safe now sometimes in the cities to go outside is that a lot of people say don't go outside to stay inside. But this was a very safe neighborhood. We had people that lived around us, but very distant people, you know, any was the proximity of a half style house, but the the thing about it is that we had to do everything to be creative and I were some of the things that you did for fun. And then we took a little green leaves and beans and then we take the grass and sweep the grass up and make little rooms with the grass daddy made us and I wanted to be a trapeze artist. So I would still in the Trap is about

04:26 8 hours a day doing my little tricks hanging by my ankles and it would just make it out of a robe recorders actually change the iron. Okay notice from playing and then I got so good. I can hang from my knees. And then I'm home from my ankles and I wanted to be in there was a real famous movie at that time about a circus it so I aspire to be a trapeze artist in a surface when I grew up and he could read and he couldn't understand why I couldn't and but at that time he would make treasure hunt lists and would like to go to the next truck and we would go that trailer. We will find some we have to read it and then we will go to the next place. So it's a treasure hunt. So hit one point made even a mud Igloo down in the woods.

05:24 It was actually go inside. The route was like life size. That was really Nate. But we also had girl is which is sort of like a little I guess you say like a little Valley and it's maybe five or six feet deep and if I could I'd eat it while we had we had trees that we can bend back and I don't know what kind of trees they were, but we can bend them back and catapults herself over and it was so good that I never remember falling in the gallery cuz I'm glad you didn't send it, right.

06:13 And only had there was only one thing cement and that was the chicken coop and every night I would pray to God that the chicken coop with burn down so that I could have seen and then when I did get to go to town very very very seldom. We would go to the church and it was sidewalks but they're also divisions in the sidewalks and I always fall when I would try to skate. So I never learned to do that. But I want some of that story about how y'all get books cuz I love that story. We read we read the cereal boxes. And where's we will sit down to breakfast.

06:54 And use it was a bacon and eggs and ham and stuff like that biscuits, but occasionally would be lucky enough to have cereal and we love having cereal because we could read the Box my brother Alderwood read the box to us. So that was only a reading we had no books over there was a library in town right now. They would have a head like a bus ride. That would come by bookmobile one interesting thing to it. We could we could check out but she would come by my house. We ran out just like a little truck. We ran out. We got to pick out our books and take him home. I do. Remember one time. I have to admit that. I stole a book. I wanted to go so badly.

07:35 I know I'm probably going to go to hell for that. I stole the book. I love mysteries. I've always loved Mysteries and there was a book called The Disappearance of Anne Shaw and it was about a mystery that took place on A & M sand and I don't depend my city beach before my family. So that was really interested and I just never returned it. It's I just want that book so badly. I don't ever know what happened to it, but I actually did steal the somewhere in Calhoun County. You have a big Library fine.

08:08 Let's see what Mom growing up in the country was there was there a moment where you realized where you were from like in other words that moment where you realize I'm from the country and there are other people who are who live in the city very beautiful very intelligent and she worked she had a very good job and she was married to a pharmacist and she lived over in North Atlanta on Druid Hills Road, and we would come up here in the car while I was pretty mischievous growing up and I wanted to see and look at and see things so I told a little white lie, I told Mom and Daddy that I could not sit in the backseat of a car because I was car sick.

08:59 And actually all I want to do is sit in the middle so that I could see out and see everything that was going on. And so we will coming down the highway and we got by somewhere near the airport and there was the big Frito-Lay Factory and for Sweden have air condition car. And so did we have the windows rolled down and smell of those potato chips and I never eating potato chips before we wouldn't have potato chips. And so the smell of that and then planes flying overhead and I never seen a airplane and I just and Daddy was so cute. He said he was a musician. He said how you gonna keep them down on the farm after they've seen paree it so he was saying that to y'all when you were sitting with see the airplanes we see modified motorcycles and I've never seen a motorcycle cars won't let you know on the road and I was just amazed and he knew he needed his heart of hearts.

09:59 If we ever left the farm, we would not come back and said that was real cheap. But that takes my next question. Was there a time that you can remember that you decide that you would leave Edison Georgia where you knew that you didn't want to live there the rest of your life. I'll for sure when I get when I graduated from high school. You have to realize that my father only had a ninth grade education because he had to quit school and work on the farm. My mother have had two years of college at Fort Valley State College, which is not at Fort Valley State College and it was never expected that I would not go to college. It was just it was it was I was going to call it go to college. I never thought about not going to college because my mother told me if you go to school and you get your education, nobody can ever take that away from you. That's something you'll always have.

10:52 So the minute I graduated from high school. I knew I wanted to leave I'd had enough. I enjoyed my childhood, but I had had enough and I've always been a person that is easily bored. And like I said, we had to make our own entertainment to do anything and I just decided you know, I'm the person that's on the go. I cannot sit still I do not like to stay in the house. I liked it to move to see people I want to make other people have to realize I lived in a very I never went to the went to school with a black person. I went to school from kindergarten. Kindergarten skip ahead kindergarten I went to school in the same school house, which was a two-story school has first grade through 12th grade with all the same people. I had a huge graduating class of 25 people 25 big fish.

11:47 Big fish in the ocean right? I thought I was really something out. Okay, because I even want to Beauty contests one time and I thought I was really really something and then I went to the city in a fight. You know, I'm just a little fish in a big big ocean a person, you know, so it was I really wanted to get away. I was tired of that and I wanted to be on way to know other people and to not be so biased and so racist in and just see see the world and I really went to Statesboro. I had gotten accepted University of Georgia and my mother all the sudden after I was accepted in February. She decided that I should not go to University of Georgia that I should go to Statesboro.

12:34 Which my Lord I had no car and it was 5 hours away all the way across the state and on the weekends. It was a tremendous Exodus of people that went to Swainsboro and Mater and all these small towns and I was stuck there with the international students which was an advantage even though I was isolated and lonely I learned to appreciate other cultures that I became English to speakers of other languages 69 languages in my County. So it helped me to get away from that that small town community where you are very everybody's very opinionated. Everybody's really racist, you know, and I'll to Branch out and to be tolerant of other people and to understand other people so there was a silver lions are going to Georgia Southern even though you didn't you didn't want to be there. Oh no, it's a matter of fact. After two quarters. I transfer myself without my mother even knowing it and I don't even know where I'm going to hide it because that man we had talked.

13:34 We don't have computers but my boyfriend was it you GIF and say I could have read the even though I didn't have a car could have written home with him. And so I had easy access but when I went to Statesboro my mother and father I was so lonely because my mother and father did not even take me to college. They sent me with another girl and her father and I remember I walked in the room. I had this big tremendous black trunk like an army trunk and I said it down and there were five beds in the room to bunk beds on the side and then bed in front of window five classmates and 1/5 room lights in one room. And I felt so lonely, you know, even though I was around people I just didn't like the fact that my parents didn't take me to school, you know, so two quarters later you're at the University of Georgia, and I know how you doing. I know how you feel about u j you said to me once that you love going to Athens because it makes you feel young. So what is it about Athens? It makes you feel young.

14:32 Because the activity because there's so many people unlike when I was growing up in the country.

14:39 There was so many people in there. They're very active that constantly jogging that walking their babies that walking their dogs that active there their they're interacting with life and with the community.

14:54 Yeah, it's a it's a vibrant place to tell me you want something about so you moved away from from home. We went to college and then you met your first husband in Athens. You move to Atlanta, right? He picked me up the story even though this is not my father. That is a great stories brother sister Squad. Tell me the story about how you met.

15:17 Georgie have to realize that I am a grape I was and still am a great procrastinator and I love to have a good time and we would go to 420 parties and we would dance you know, and to all these famous bands and and so I like to party and I didn't do much drinking at all, but I like to dance and I like to have something to do so I didn't study for this test and I had to midterm test on the same day and it was freezing cold in January and my husband-to-be was had gone over to University of Georgia to give a speech to the school of Journalism Jean jewelry School of Journalism. He'd invited there to give a speech. She was 10 years older than I and so on the way back when I get winter to the test.

16:08 I had taken some medicine called dretzin name, which was adopt pill that the pharmacy boys would make for us and that was to cram it was like speed and will keep us away. Cuz I've also a star rating and so I am

16:25 I didn't study and I took the medicine and I went to the test the next day and they would just

16:31 I couldn't even read the paper and I told him first I said, I don't know what I'm doing. I'm just writing prepositions. I look down the pipe and I was writing prepositions. So I walked out into the street. So he said I'm giving you 50 more minutes. I'm not supposed to but I'm getting you 50 more minutes. So I got my act together and wrote down as best I could and I was so discouraged and I walked down to the string blizzard and I had my coat flat on my back and all and I'm walking down in front of Joe Brown, which is his name Joe Brown dormitory and this car this white Oldsmobile convertible pulled up by then put your coat on.

17:10 Who in the hell is that telling me what to do? And so I he said he said do you need a ride and I said to see that then you have to realize there was no buses University. Would you had signs like stop signs? It said pick up hitchers here and they had this little Volkswagens. It was very small, but then she liked and you don't answer. This is building Seven Hills so we catch a ride. We wouldn't he was from Athens so he knew about that and so he said, what do you live and I'll sit right down here at church Hall which is Burlington, My mother said don't talk to strangers. Do not ever get in the car with a stranger. So what I do I get in the car with a stranger and said he looked at it and he has a really good-looking blonde boy, and he said you failed a test and I started crying.

18:10 I live just only about a couple of blocks down the highway down the hill and he said would you like to go to the restaurant and get it was a drive-in restaurant with a girl hops come out bro down the window you put the drink there. So it would you like to go get us something to drink like a Coke or coffee. And I said, yeah. Well, I knew I wasn't supposed to do that either cuz Mommy said don't do that. And so we went and I never I probably should I did not drink, but I went out there and we got then and he said would you like some black coffee or cream and sugar I said, I'd like a beer so we went back to her house and he got his clothes and he went to Atlanta and then he called me that night. He called me that night, too.

19:04 To see how it's doing and how caring how wonderful this man cares about me. I can't believe it. So I fell in love and you know that you move to Atlanta in January. Was that a quick romance first part was just down the road from here off. But then the hippie started moving and so we moved to Clayton candles with moving from the city to the country to the suburbs, but then it was a little further out. It was kind of it was it was a little bit country. Then when you told me it was very country. In fact, they were very few houses around the lake at that time. This is this was Lake. Jodeco. And dr. Spivey head. He was building late which was a man-made like but jodeco was a God made like and it was very few people that live there and actually that community.

20:01 That Community was made for people that that had like weekend little houses and so my husband Jim he met mrs. V e we were living on 8th Street in that was not becoming safe at that time. So we moved out there and it's been a wonderful place to raise children when there's almost Absolutely. I'll be there for the duration. What did Mimi and Papa are your parents? Think about you living in Atlanta area cited. I mean they hated to see me move away because my mama was like a little mother hen, you know, she wanted it was it was very close and that the the grandparents live both lived in the town the answer now, we live in the city parents and grandparents live far far away. So that's one difference of living here. What are some of the things

21:01 What what do you like most about living in Atlanta, but I don't like to cook and so we had everything we act and we never got that one tall was Saturday and then we had to go to Albany Georgia to shop which was like 50 miles away and I love it here because it's so active, you know, everybody's I don't know anybody really don't have a lot of friends. I can probably count my friends on my probably less than three fingers on my right hand. But but I like being able to do things like last night. I went to see Phantom of the Opera which is fantastic and I've always been much because I'm always love music and I like to go and do things. You know, I like to go out to eat. I like to the active. I like to feel like I'm with it. I'm on the go.

21:57 What advice since since Teresa Ben and I are moving to Tifton and just a couple of days here.

22:04 What advice would you give my son about growing up in the country? Okay. One thing I asked you to do is to to be very involved in the community.

22:15 You know you going to be like in my hometown growing up everybody weigh if you weigh for the unirme, you didn't know him and my father had a famous saying it was it was not. Hello. How are you is how about you and was that meant how are you doing? And and you just weighed in about Nan Atlanta Georgia, if you wave at somebody they just might shoot you, you know, they're not used to that. They think you're trying to do some pull something over on them, but I think that for Benjamin I would say be wise in Dalton.

22:45 Choose your friends wisely.

22:48 My mother always said this if you lie with dogs, you get fleas that you have to be sure that you pick good friends with high morals. He needs to go to Sunday school. I went to Sunday school when I was growing up and I remembered a song a song Jesus Loves All The Children of the world red yellow black and white they are precious in His sight and I thought

23:11 It doesn't make sense because they say they teach me that and yet I walk down the street in my little town with no red light and they have a medical center that The White Square the front door in the blacks white only in the Black Sabbath here and I never went to school with a black person and I thought that it's just that something's wrong with that that teach me once I'm just not true. It's a lie, and so I hope that moving to Tifton. I know that they do have my a lot of Migrant workers down there and I hope that he'll be

23:49 Outlook on life will be broadened, you know and dumb.

23:55 I think you would just love it.

23:59 What mom would let me ask you this? How do you think he'll be different? Then? He would have been if he'd grown up in the suburbs like I did.

24:10 I don't think I would turn out very good.

24:14 Well, how do you think Ben will be different?

24:17 Then growing up it then if it's going to be to go to the group grew up in the suburbs. He's going to find security.

24:29 He's going to find love he's going to find a sense of a small community. Where is he is going to know people, you know, you going to have friends he's going to have friends are going to be supportive of him. It's not going to be like I live in I live there at my house since March 3rd of 1964, but I can only tell you the people that live next door to me and across from me and maybe that's because I've always worked for 31 years, and I've been gone every day, but I think it's really important for him to have that sense of community and that sense of involvement and to go to Sunday school.

25:03 You know Aunt because there's when he gets the hope.

25:08 Yeah.

25:11 Let me ask you this. What would you what do you want Benjamin to tell his kids about you. Maybe you know what that means. I'm very hard-headed. I'm very stubborn if I think I'm right by God, I think I'm right. So it it's very hard. I'm easy to anger. I have to remember to read Proverbs 15 about anger because I'm too easy to anger solid really cautioned him about that because that's always been a detriment in my life that I'm too easy to anger and to jump back and I need that he needs to watch out for that Michigan. I think I'm courageous. I'm determined by golly. You know, somebody said one time, you know and obstacle is what you see when you take it off.

26:10 Go and I had to go and that was to complete my education that took me a long time cuz you run my got married. My mother said not to and I got married. I want supposed to because she said if he loves you, he will wait and that's it. I'm in love. I got to get married 7 years 10 years later I went back. So I quit school in 63 did not go back to 75. But at least I went back to tell me about I bet you you left him you left school and got married to your first husband and then you moved moved to Jonesboro and 64 at tell me tell me about when you decide to go back to school. And cuz I am Jim and I divorced after 7 years. We had two children. Melissa was in second grade. And Michael was in Mike was about four years old and I when we divorced I was but when we really separate I was 9 months pregnant with Michael.

27:03 But anyway, Mike was born and after that I realize what can I do only have two years of college and what can I do so want to work for a pediatrician and the good thing was good and bad. It was good that I got my medical expenses free for the children, but it was all so bad because the mothers would wait till they got home at 5 or 5:30 and call him sell my baby sick. So we had to wait and see the mothers and their babies and that meant that I was late picking up my children from nursery and I thought this no way I'm not getting to see my children. So

27:38 Daddy, my brother was a doctor and he had a conference in Hawaii and he gave us my father wanted to go with him to the conference in Hawaii and he gave each each child in Futurama family gave you three of them he gave $3,000 so that we could go to Hawaii and I made the decision that I was not going to go to a party that I was going to take my money and go back to school. So I did so I never got to go to Hawaii.

28:08 But anyway, I went and I went in 74 and I finished two years and one year exactly because I didn't want my daughter Melissa to

28:20 Tamia more than one grade second grade in Barrow Elementary in Athens, Georgia. No living family housing because I was even though I was divorced I had two children so that qualified meaning of the strange thing about it. My sister Mary Helen is 10 years younger than I and she live there with her husband and she had a little baby about 2 years old and it just it just worked out. It was really strange of all the married housing in Athens. We will cross the playground for they shall discover and I could look and see in the window when she was over there. So we graduate the same day. So I call myself is a book by Leo. Lionni one of my favorite children's authors and he has a book called Leo the Late Bloomer.

29:10 I'm the other light blue. Yeah, and I've always respected how much you how much emphasis?

29:24 You put on education, you know, I mean with yourself and with you know, everyone in our family, you know what I mean? All three of your children have college educations, you know, and in two of them have graduate education you you went back even years later and got your master's degree. This is another thing I wanted to tell you. I wanted to do something to make more money and I can say I've always got to be acting so even though I was teaching I meant to Delta to the office at Delta and I got all these brochures is Pampas and I made flash cards and I wrote, you know, like Atlanta ATL and I wrote the all the destinations and I learned those I was so proud of myself and I had his huge stack and I went down to see my Aunt Helen my mother sister who is now going to be 90 years old the 29th of July Jesus birthday as well and I went down to see in the city.

30:24 It look I know all these just flash them to me and I'll be able to tell you what they are. And she said no you're not and I said, I'm not why not. She said no, you're not going to do that because you got to go back to college and you're going to get your graduate degree and I'm going to pay for it for you and I'll be back just a minute and she went in the bedroom and she got a purse.

30:48 Every penny of my photo of a graduated so I graduated I worked all day and went to school like Friday night every Saturday for two years until I got it was Central Michigan University cuz they brought them that it was in Fayetteville, Georgia. They wish they hadn't had our meetings are classrooms and high school and they brought the professor this to us attend to travel to Central Michigan. So I am determined and how old were you when you finished your my 1944 your English person you have to do the math cuz I have always respected. But the only thing I regret is that I'm not a reader and that's why I think I I think you probably had more books cuz I know about filing cabinets for you with books and I taught Melissa, how to re when she is that

31:48 I'm Yours o a book about spot because I felt so bad that when I was growing up. I never had any books and it wasn't anything. It wasn't lessons on my part and just didn't have it. My father was a very Avid Reader. He he he loved to read was very gifted even though he only finished ninth grade education, but he had a setup and pipe fights encyclopedias that he bought and he read the read the Bible and their stock appears every night. He would get in bed and read even if you read it over and over and over you never bought 117 talking to you is because he probably got pretty tired of reading that but we would read the comics and O's cereal boxes, but that's all we had to really learn. What what's your favorite memory about Papa?

32:31 About your father. What's your favorite memory will never he never spanked me. He was always very kind to me. He never he never

32:44 He liked me a lot. He had to to nickname to me Eddie. I got that from Sybil maybe one of the older sisters and brothers couldn't say simple in call me Eddie and Bucky and every time he will get his pickup truck Chevy pickup truck and I had to go everywhere with him and he was be driving the truck and I was standing right there. Why was my arm on his neck? And he was a very caring person. He loved people to he never met a stranger. He never he could talk to anybody about anything and he made it a point to talk to him if he was just walking straight to say, how about you? Do you know, what's your name? What you been doing? And he was just a really fun person. You know, that makes sense. I mean sometimes will it will go to meet you someplace and I walk in maybe they were you got there before us a few minutes and you are struck a conversation up with someone someone in there waiting in the restaurant or you know, that that makes sense that that was something that you saw it and pop

33:44 Because I see you do it all the time, you know how to accept one of the neatest things. You know, I don't know that I've ever seen you really make a stranger of anybody going to talk to you know, what about what about Mimi? What what's your what's your what's your fav? I guess your best memory of me your mother and she was like a mother hen. I mean you just don't talk about her children and she all thought we were wonderful and she was very hard work. And this one thing I want to tell you about my mother and my father is very important and I hope this passes dad to bend.

34:23 I never heard them complain about having to get up and go to work. They love to work. They never said oh my God, I got to go to work today and I'm guilty of that cuz I'm not an early riser Ohio education, but I meant I never heard them complain and my mother was a meticulous housekeeper. She's very organized, you know, no clutter and very clean very Clinic. She was a hard worker that my mother didn't work until she until I was sixteen years old so we would come home in the afternoons. She would have fresh baked blackberry pie fresh baked pecan. Puffs always a treat or it was until ban, you know, one thing that I'm a bad about is not taking care of my health and my my body like I should you know, and I would encourage him to do that to make wise choices about what he puts in his body because it's

35:23 AFX light out in life with with the with the move coming up. What what can we expect do you think moving to moving to Tipton? Which what should we what kinds of things should we expect about ways we might change.

35:48 I think you going to

35:51 You going to have more of a sense of community down there and a people caring about you?

35:59 You going to probably get very involved with what's going on you going to have probably even more friendships than you do up here. I know you have a lot of friends that they are but I believe that those friend Dan the intestine are going to really support you and support him and they're going to be there for you.

36:19 And you might have to get adjusted and not having the traffic and not having all the entertainment but that you want head before but I think it'll be a great place to raise a child. You have to realize that when we were growing up. We never lock doors. We never locked out of the house never I still have trouble with that right. My Carbonite toe.

36:44 You know and so I grew up like that a very safe safe neighborhood and it took him a little bit different because it's more it's more Metropolitan than if you call it Metropolitan, then did not tell Edison was. All right, Mom.

37:01 Let me ask you this. What's what's your favorite memory of me as a child childhood? Well, we did not in want to know your father and I was so excited that we were having a baby and so we did not want to know the sex of the baby and I was 37. I think it's when I became pregnant with you when I had you and we just didn't want to know the birth of the sex of the baby. We just wanted a healthy baby. So the doctor mark on their parents do not want to know the sex of the baby. So we had no idea and I went in that day and I was lying then I was pushing and pushing and the doctor said unless you push one more time. And if you don't push we're going to take the baby and I pushed like I couldn't wait and you came out and he let he said it's a boy.

37:55 And then he laid you on my stomach and he said you can touch it with one finger and I stuck out my one single and you just grab it with your little fingers grab it like you would grasp it it and it was like you're my lifeline. You know, you are my strength.

38:18 How many memories of you could be with me? I can't begin to tell you how many and I know that right now.

38:26 UFO Benjamin difference to realize that you love her Benjamin experiencing my love for you and your so I still love you just as much today as I did that first day for you out on my finger and I know you know that now because there's nothing like having your own your own child. You never can experience love like you do when you have your own children. I don't think

38:59 You know so on.

39:02 Anyway

39:04 The bright side is your great mom. Are you going to be okay?

39:09 I don't be great. Okay with us going to be saying I'm so glad that you're moving to California and I had to fight you. No, thanks. I'm so thankful that you're doing what you finally want to do because you've always wanted to be a professor of college not a high school teacher. So, you know, I have to take it and it is only a 3-hour drive away and you know, and I'll see you when I can thank goodness. We have you no computer so that you can send me pictures and you can send me a video and I'll meet you but you know, this is why I feel bad.

39:50 This is what my in hell is is 90 years old this month. You've lived your life support. There's time for him to lead his there's a time that cuz your life and my husband tell me one X civil even or a Mockingbird kick to own birds out of the nest to make them fly. And so there's going to come a time that Benjamin is going to leave the nest and you're the last one to leave and it's sad because I just because I'm divorced and I don't have a husband so my children and my grandchildren always been my life.

40:28 I am strong strong will and persistent. I have a lot of bad qualities, but I have a lot of good qualities. I know how to empathize. I know how to sympathize. I'm tired of other people. I think I'm kind of think. I'm carrot caring and I'll manage on my own, you know, everybody has to do it, but you'll be back and I'll be down there. So we will have to go to the city is now the interstate you have to go south on to visit us. I love you Mom. I love you too so much.