Austin Turner and Nate Yoder

Recorded November 28, 2023 Archived November 28, 2023 50:02 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Nate Yoder (52) and Austin Turner (31) talk about growing up in relatively homogenous areas, expanding their point of view, their shifting politics and parenting.

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Austin Turner talks about growing up and his father's influence.
Nate Yoder shares growing up in a conservative, white, rural area with a father who was a pastor. He reflects on the difference in his childhood and that of his children. He talks about how his point of view shifted.
Austin talks about also growing up in a conservative, white, rural area. He talks about diversity. He talks about his wife, her Mexican father, and how his views on immigration changed.
Nate considers the difference between rhetoric and reality.
Austin talks about the internet and his family. He shares a story about whether to provide economic support of a business with strong political views.
Nate considers the shifting political views of his own and a larger political party. He shares the loss of his middle child to cancer. He reflects on grief.
Austin talks about becoming more political and being challenged by family members.
Nate talks about seeking out different viewpoints on the Right and Left.
Austin talks about his views on religion and regionality.
Nate talks about his views of the United States, the World Savior narrative and stolen land.
Austin talks about patriotism.
Nate shares a story about an economic opportunity provided to his family that was not available to others.
Nate talks about stereotypes and being open to other positions.
They talk about parenting. They share their thoughts on engaging in this conversation.


  • Austin Turner
  • Nate Yoder

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