Barbara Reaze and Cameron Brinn

Recorded July 15, 2020 Archived July 15, 2020 42:30 minutes
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One Small Step Conversation partners Barbara Reaze (74) and Cameron Brinn (28) talk about their earliest political memories, the pandemic and the role of government.

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CB talks about his upbringing and how he was laid off during the pandemic. BR talks about how she grew up and her decades of experience in health care.
BR says she's liberal leaning and says political divide is a big issue for her. CB says he leans conservative and talks about echo chambers in both parties.
CB talks about earliest political memory regarding the importance of the 2nd amendment. BR talks about how her earliest memory was about the Cold War and feeling scared.
CB talks about the coronavirus response.
CB talks about what being conservative means to him. BR talks about need for federal government regarding civil rights.
BR says she's concerned that the government tailors to the interests of the wealthy rather than the whole.


  • Barbara Reaze
  • Cameron Brinn

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