Bennie Cade, Lacrecia Cade, and Bendrick Cade

Recorded August 26, 2023 Archived August 26, 2023 40:22 minutes
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Bennie Cade (66) tells his children Lacrecia Cade (45) and Bendrick Cade (39) about his childhood in Atlanta and working his way up to owning three full-service car washes.

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Bennie talks about his family moving to Atlanta when he was an infant.
Bennie talks about his parents.
Bennie talks about attending Gordon High School.
Bennie remembers his boss and mentor, Bill Twiner.
Bennie talks about getting started at the car wash and getting paid $1.45 an hour.
They talk about when Bennie bought the car wash locations from Mr. Twiner.
Lecrecia and Bendrick share memories of the car wash and its customers.
Lecrecia asks Bennie about his 'retirement job' at Morehouse College.
Bennie reflects on his life and lessons learned.
Bennie talks about his great-grandchildren.


  • Bennie Cade
  • Lacrecia Cade
  • Bendrick Cade

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Atlanta History Center

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