Besty Randolph and Mary Driebe

Recorded April 28, 2023 Archived April 28, 2023 50:18 minutes
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One Small Step partners Betsy Randolph (69) and Mary Driebe (56) have a conversation about spirituality and social justice.

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Betsy Randolph (P1) and Mary Driebe (P2) discuss why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
P1 talks about her education path and her decision to study anatomy and physiology.
P1 discusses how she made a change towards religion.
P1 introduces the concept of science providing an argument that supports religion.
P2 Talks about growing up in a Catholic home.
P2 discusses a recent trip she had taken with friends she grew up with.
P1 moves the discussion to their children and their lives.
P2 talks about her beliefs on spirituality and meditation.
P1 and P2 start discussing social justice within their communities and how they contribute.
P2 talks about her experience working with and raising children with special needs.
P1 discusses a recent trip to Myrtle Beach and introduces the topic of the political climate.
P2 speaks to the systemic racism that currently exists within her community.


  • Besty Randolph
  • Mary Driebe

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