Beth Markley and Ty Carson-Eisenman

Recorded May 19, 2020 Archived May 18, 2020 41:24 minutes
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Beth Markley (51) talks to her friend Ty Carson-Eisenman (48) about their advocacy in the LGBTQ+ community. Ty recalls memories of attending peaceful protests of the Idaho senate, now commonly referred to as the "Add the 4 Words" movement, to include "gender identity" and "sexual orientation" in the Idaho Human Rights Act.

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BM recalls meeting TCE when they spoke at Ethos Project Symposium.
TCE talks about some of the challenges of their upbringing and violence they experienced at school.
TCE remembers going through puberty at age 11 and the impact that had on their identity.
TCE talks about attending protests in Idaho advocating for gay and transgender rights. They remember specifically attending a peaceful protest at the Idaho senate.
TCE recalls when the bill they were fighting for got vetoed by the government.
TCE talks about their wife and the state of Idaho not acknowledging their marriage.
TCE references interactions with legislators who have mentioned how their religious beliefs interfere with there interests in LGBTQ+ issues.


  • Beth Markley (b. 1968)
  • Ty Carson-Eisenman (b. 1972)

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