Bobbek Hakimzadeh and Sepideh Nazarian

Recorded December 18, 2021 Archived December 18, 2021 22:53 minutes
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Friends Bobbek Hakimzadeh (38) and Sepideh "Sepi" Nazarian (20) talk about studying Islamic Sufism and how it pertains to sustainability.

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Bobbek Hakimzadeh (38) talks about where he is from and where he went to school.
Bobbek asks Sepideh "Sepi" Nazarian (20) how her studies at the School of Islamic Sufism are going. He asks her to talk about sustainability and sufism.
Sepi talks about being Jewish. She remembers when she started to see the overlap between the Torah and the Koran.
Sepi remembers her mom saying that there were people of all faiths at the Sufi Center. She says they talked about the core of all religions being the same.
Sepi talks about the book, Sufism: A Bridge Between Religions by Salaheddin Ali Nader Shah Angha.
Sepi talks about her trips to Israel.
Bobbek talks about growing up with a single mother. He says he had very little supervision and had to be his own voice of reason.
Sepi talks about being the architect of your own life.
Sepi talks about the 4 development goals of Sufism in conjunction with global sustainability.
Sepi talks about living without excess. She talks about participating in a beach cleanup.
Bobbek talks about how sustainability fits in his life. He talks about helping to build the Sufi Center in Berkeley and how sustainability is connected to construction.
Bobbek says the physical act of building helped him learn about fulfilling his purpose within.
Sepi and Bobbek thank each other for taking time to have this conversation.


  • Bobbek Hakimzadeh
  • Sepideh Nazarian

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