Bobby Dennison and Patricia Frazier

Recorded October 28, 2023 Archived October 28, 2023 43:06 minutes
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Cousins Bobby Dennison (71) and Patricia Frazier (72) speak about their family history as Clotilda descendants. The Clotilda was the last slave ship to arrive in the US. The two discuss the lives of their ancestors Lottie and James, highlighting their experiences on a plantation, attempted escape, and the life they came to build in Mobile, Alabama.

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Bobby (B) and Patricia (P) recall when they first learned they were Clotilda descendants.
P gives a background on their family history.
B introduces his mother Mabel and her work researching her family history and their connection to the Clotilda.
B explains why his great grandparents James and Lottie resided in Mobile rather than Africatown.
P tells a story about Lottie's unusual physical strength, which involved her picking up the constable.
P recounts how James and Lottie first met and their marriage.
P explains why James and Lottie married a second time.
P and B speak fondly of the house they were both born in, which James built.
B describes Mabel and Lottie's shared tenacity.
P talks about James and Lottie's attempted escape from the plantation, and the strength she has felt from learning about her ancestors.
P speaks on the unique history of the Clotilda and emphasizes the significance of Clotilda descendents.


  • Bobby Dennison
  • Patricia Frazier

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Mardi Gras Park

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