Bonnie Mitchell and Michael Ford

Recorded May 6, 2023 Archived May 6, 2023 51:02 minutes
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One Small Step partners Bonnie Mitchell (33) and Michael Ford (43) sit down for a conversation about the polarization of politics and creating change through community outreach.

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Bonnie Mitchell (BM) and Michael Ford (MF) discuss why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
MF talks about going to school to study politics and the societal transition surrounding open conversations about politics in the past versus the present.
BM relates her strengthened political stance to becoming a teacher.
MF talks about his personal political views and the community outreach programs he is involved with.
MF relates politics to tribalism in current culture and talks about wishing people would come back together as a community.
BM talks about the path she took that led to her becoming a teacher.
MF talks about being a firefighter and the toll it takes on his life both mentally and physically.
MF recalls meeting an instructor in the military who believed in him and his experiences growing up.
BM opens up about the struggles her and her family faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Bonnie Mitchell
  • Michael Ford

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