Brazelton Interview - Our Maternal Aunts and Uncles

Recorded March 19, 2018 Archived March 19, 2018 38:34 minutes
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This interview is about our maternal aunts and uncles; Herbert Hinds Brazelton Jr, Allen Walker Brazelton and Phoebe Turner Brazelton. Hinds and Allen lived in the Huntsville area for their entire lives and raised their families here. Phoebe moved to Nashville where she attended college. During that period, she met her future husband, CD Williams and they raised their family in the Nashville area. Even though Phoebe and her family lived more than 100 miles from us, we were all very close and we have some very nice memories of everyone on the Brazelton side of our family.


  • Donald Wynn
  • Tony Wynn
  • Collins Wynn Jr

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