Brian Baker and Justin Cummins

Recorded June 29, 2023 Archived June 29, 2023 39:03 minutes
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One Small Step Partners, Justin Cummins (32) and Brian Baker (66), talk about how the military touched each of their lives and affected their political perspectives.

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Justin Cummins (J) asks Brian Baker (B) about having a marine for a father.
B asks J to explain his feeling about the current administration.
J and B discuss their upbringings.
B reflects on how his upbringing affected his political beliefs.
J asks B about working in a prison.
J and B discuss archiving and library school.
B and J talk about the most influential people in their lives.
B and J discuss legacy and helping people, as well as B’s hopes for the Nation.
J asks B about his relationship with social media. 

B asks J about how his time in the Marines shaped his political thoughts.
B and J discuss freedom and respect.


  • Brian Baker
  • Justin Cummins

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