Brice Basquez and Ian Campbell

Recorded August 24, 2023 Archived August 24, 2023 57:19 minutes
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One Small Step Partners Ian Campbell (27) and Brice Basquez (44) take an hour to discuss their multi-regional experience with America and how it has shaped their faith and political perspective.

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The pair shares how they got involved with One Small Step.
Ian shares his first memories about the teachings of Jesus.
Ian and Brice exchange their experiences living in various places across the USA.
Ian shares his experience in Ferguson, MO in 2014.
Ian asks Brice to share how his faith has shaped his social politics.
The pair explain the segregated culture of Sunday morning's in America.
Brice Discusses how he approaches parenting in the context of generational trauma.
The pair discuss the things that are bringing them joy lately, as well as what they'll take away from their OSS conversation.


  • Brice Basquez
  • Ian Campbell

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