Bryan Buckley and Olivia Umoren

Recorded June 8, 2023 Archived June 8, 2023 46:51 minutes
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Colleagues Bryan Buckley (34) and Olivia Umoren (29) discuss growing up as the children of immigrants and their careers in health equity.

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Bryan (B) and Olivia (O) recall their first meeting.
O talks about being Nigerian in the USA.
B shares how his parents raised him.
O describes life in Boston.
B talks about growing up in DC and moving to Michigan.
B shares that he was the first Black American to graduate from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
B and O talk about how and why they work so hard.
O and B talk about not fulfilling their parents' expectations.
O shares how she found public health and health policy.
B talks about a teacher who guided him to public health.
B describes the justice league of health equity.
O considers the need to focus on the community to address health equity.


  • Bryan Buckley
  • Olivia Umoren

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Howard University Blackburn Center

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