Carla Saavedra and Alice Hill

Recorded January 31, 2022 Archived January 31, 2022 39:22 minutes
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Carla Saavedra (56) talks with her mother, Alice Hill (85), who was born in Tampa in 1936 at an immigrant Spanish hospital. They talk of family members working in the cigar factory, migrating from Spain and her great aunt being a refugee of the Spanish Civil War.

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Carla (C) asks Alice (A) about when she was born. A describes being born at an immigrant Spanish hospital and then talks of her family working at a cigar factory. She mentions her parents getting married by proxy.
A talks about her parents living in Detroit, MI for four years. A talks of her family moving back to Tampa and then talks of going to parochial school. She then talks of her great aunt being a refugee in France because of the Spanish Civil War
A talks about her grandmother being widowed with four children. She tells C about her great aunt moving to Cuba to become a governess who came to help her parents take care of her and her siblings.
A describes her fondest memory of school and talks of an important sister/teacher. She talks of a trip that she and her classmates went on to NYC when she was in her senior year.
C asks A what is her biggest regret in life. A responds that she regrets not going to college. She talks about going to secretary school and then getting married. C adds in that she was busy raising 5 children.
A describes her husband at the time having tremendous faith to go to law school. A talks about biggest accomplishment being her 5 children. C adds in that A did this in 7 1/2 years while husband was working full-time.
C asks A how was it fun raising 5 children. A responds that they were all around the same age and they took trips to Williamsburg then to Washington and talks of this as a great learning experience. A talks about raising children during the 1970s was a challenge and being concerned about her children being out beyond curfew.
C asks A if she has any favorite memories of her growing up. A describes her daughter going to mommy school with her lunch box being too young to go to school while her older siblings went.
A talks about time after children grew up and left home. She talks about working as an interpreter and starting a translation business for the courts. A describes translating for drug mules coming in from South American countries.
A recalls buying a unit in a condo and being single. She describes becoming a condo manager. C and A talk about the training for this job was from A raising 5 children.


  • Carla Saavedra
  • Alice Hill

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