Carley Larson and Tatiana Larsen

Recorded October 24, 2023 Archived October 24, 2023 51:19 minutes
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One Small Step conversation parnters Carley Larson (28) and Tatiana Larsen (37) have a conversation about learning from the wisdom of strangers, their COVID pandemic experiences, and how their beliefs evolved around Christianity.

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Carley Larson (C) asks Tatiana Larsen (T) why she wanted to participate in One Small Step.
T explains the Christian ideas she observed in Utah that troubled her during the pandemic.
C speaks to how she's been grounded in her Christian faith.
T asks C for her take on the passivity she's observed in Christianity.
The two share their takeaways.


  • Carley Larson
  • Tatiana Larsen

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