Carolyn Davis with Jillian Danto for Stonewall OutLoud

Recorded June 6, 2019 Archived June 6, 2019 40:11 minutes
Languages: N/A
Id: APP644237


Carolyn tells Jill about growing up on the South and West Sides of Chicago, knowing she was gay at 9 years old, and coming out on the last day of college. She describes her past relationships with women, the strong role of Christianity in her life, and the LGBT-welcoming church on the South Side she has called home for 10 years. She recounts how she moved to the North Side to live at the Town Hall Apartments at the Center on Addison, and the ways that the LGBT senior housing community has been a "lifesaver" for her where she feels welcomed, safe, and happy. Looking forward, she discusses her desire to find a life partner and her fear of one day ending up in a nursing home and having to go back in the closet.


  • Carolyn Davis
  • Jill Danto
  • Karen Morris