Carson Berrier and Anna Koutsouftikis

Recorded October 27, 2023 Archived October 27, 2023 51:46 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Carson Berrier (23) and Anna Koutsouftikis (18) talk about how they grew up, their religious beliefs, politics, their interests and what they see and hope for their futures.

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Anna Koutsouftikis and Carson Berrier share how they grew up and family dynamics. Anna talks about joining multiple art and theatre clubs on campus.
Carson talks about how college expanded her world view.
Anna shares her views regarding faith and a higher being.
Carson talks about how her faith changed.
Anna shares her political views.
Carson shares her thoughts on the demographics of political representatives.
Anna reflects that she's made assumptions about people based upon their religious beliefs.
Carson and Anna talk about the beliefs they were around growing up.
They talk about what patriotism means to them.
Anna talks about gay marriage, bisexuality, the Women's March and the 2020 presidential election.
Carson reflects upon how Trump presents himself and why he is received the way he is.
Anna talks about being misunderstood and her sense of style expression.
Carson talks about her work in College Admissions.
Anna talks about managing stress.
Carson frames how she thinks about the college experience.
They talk about their expectations of each other. They share their music interests.


  • Carson Berrier
  • Anna Koutsouftikis

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