Catheryn Cowings and Vivian McCann

Recorded July 22, 2023 Archived July 22, 2023 41:17 minutes
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Catheryn Cowings (21) interviews her great aunt Vivian McCain (95) about her life and growing up in Alabama.

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Vivian talks about her family and her life as she has just turned 95 years old.
Vivian talks about her family history in Alabama and how her mother became a teacher in Chambers County.
Vivian explains how her mother and father met, started a courtship, and got married.
Vivian details how her grandfather was tragically killed when she was young.
Vivian tells how her grandfather helped the community by providing land for people to till and supplies for them to use.
Vivian explains what a travelling store was and what life was like for people in the country.
Vivian talks about the animals on the farm, making sausage and soap.
Vivian talks about home economics, sewing, cooking, and making clothes out of fertilizer sacks.
Vivian explains about the things she taught in home economics including anatomy and reproductive organs.
Vivian talks about her education at Tuskegee and her training.
Vivian explains how her father took over the family farm and how she learned about the family history of sharecropping.
Vivian reflects on how today's society is so different from the past and the lack of a Christian Society.


  • Catheryn Cowings
  • Vivian McCann

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Atlanta History Center

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