Cathie Hancock and Brenda Ford

Recorded September 9, 2023 Archived September 9, 2023 38:20 minutes
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Cathie Marie Hancock (63) tells her conversation partner Brenda Ford (52) about her experience of motherhood and her family.

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CH remembers the night she told her mother that she was pregnant.
CH talks about raising her sons, and her concerns for them as young Black men.
CH remembers her childhood during segregation.
CH talks about her faith in God.
CH talks about her granddaughter.
CH talks about her sons leaving home.
CH talks about nursing school and her work in early childhood development.
CH talks about her extended family and a recent family reunion.
CH talks about specific foods her family makes.
CH remembers some advice from her grandmother.
CH talks about aging and reflects on life.


  • Cathie Hancock
  • Brenda Ford

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Atlanta History Center

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