Celeste Ramirez-Ocaña and Rigo Ramirez-Ocaña

Recorded October 13, 2023 Archived October 13, 2023 38:46 minutes
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Newlyweds Celeste Ramirez-Ocaña (26) and Rigo Ramirez-Ocaña (24) talk about the value of cultural preservation and keeping their families’ traditions alive, especially for their son. They share their experiences navigating different spaces as Hispanic individuals and reflect on how their existence is resistance.

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Celeste Ramirez-Ocaña (CR) and Rigo Ramirez-Ocaña (RR) talk about wanting to preserve their cultures and traditions for their son.
RR and CO talk about both the differences in their cultural experiences and the unifying elements of Hispanic cultures.
RR remembers having to translate for his parents as a kid, even though his own English wasn't that good.
CO remembers being the bridge for her dad growing up, helping him navigate life in the U.S.
RR and CO reflect on feeling pressure to be perfect.
RR describes the fear of not knowing and what it feels like for him to be in the U.S.
CO remembers how she and RR first met.
CO asks RR the moment he knew he loved her.
CO and RR talk about the victories they see in their love and existence.


  • Celeste Ramirez-Ocaña
  • Rigo Ramirez-Ocaña

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