Channon Mondoux and Jodi Michaels

Recorded July 7, 2023 Archived July 7, 2023 36:15 minutes
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Channon Mondoux [no age given] and Jodi Michaels [no age given] come together to talk about Canadiana Fest, a festival that Channon is putting on in October 2023 to celebrate Canadian culture ( Channon also reflects on the experiences that made her the person she is today and instilled in her a deep gratitude for her home country of Canada.

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Channon Mondoux (CM) explains how she got the idea to create and plan Canadiana Fest.
CM talks about her upbringing and being raised in poverty.
CM recalls leaving home at fifteen and describes the Canadian social services that saved her life.
Jodi Michaels (JM) reflects on the importance of this upcoming festival.
CM reflects on homelessness, both in Kalamazoo and that which she experienced growing up.
CM emphasizes how she wants to share the kindness of Canada.
CM remembers when she graduated with her bachelor's degree.
JM talks about how important it is to have someone believe in your potential.


  • Channon Mondoux
  • Jodi Michaels

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Kalamazoo Public Library