Charvia Rivers and Raven Toney

Recorded January 14, 2023 Archived January 14, 2023 39:10 minutes
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Charvia Rivers (50) speaks with her daughter Raven Toney (19) about growing up and what success means.

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CR talks about her life at age 19.
RT talks about how she still feels like a kid sometimes.
CR remembers when RT and her twin were infants and talks about being their mother.
CR and RT talk about comparing themselves to others, and CR talks about how that has changed for her as she’s gotten older.
CR talks about how she envisions success for her children.
RT asks about generational curses.
CR and RT talk about how working from home has made CR happier.
CR and RT talk about racial perceptions, and CR remembers moving to Vallejo, California in the 1980s.
RT talks about her experiences of Black womanhood.
CR and RT talk about how they cry a lot and the love they share.


  • Charvia Rivers
  • Raven Toney

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Atlanta History Center

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