Cheryl Kortemeier and Jerome Travers

Recorded January 23, 2024 Archived January 23, 2024 34:19 minutes
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Cheryl Kortemeier (52) has a conversation with her fellow Corporate Volunteer Council board member Jerry Travers (64) about his thoughts on finding one's volunteer passion and living a life of service.

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Cheryl Kortemeier (C) asks Jerry Travers (J) to talk about his earliest volunteer memories.
C asks J how he found his volunteer passion.
J talks about his happiest times volunteering.
C asks J what motivates him to volunteer.
C asks J about his recent ALS diagnosis and how he thinks that will affect his volunteering.
C asks J what advice he would give to new volunteers.
J talks about hiking The Appalachian Trail with his daughter and later doing some volunteer work on the Trail.
J talks about the support he has received from his family for his volunteer efforts.


  • Cheryl Kortemeier
  • Jerome Travers

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Atlanta History Center

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