Cindi Gould and Susan Kleto

Recorded May 2, 2023 Archived May 2, 2023 51:51 minutes
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One Small Step partners Cindi Gould (66) and Susan Kleto (66) sit down for a conversation about growing up and the changing tides of political and social issues.

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Cindi Gould (CG) and Susan Kleto (SK) discuss why they decided to participate in the One Small Step initiative.
SK talks about her childhood and how she was raised.
CG recounts her mother leaving when she was still a child.
SK recounts the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the desegregation of the school systems.
SK talks about Jimmy Carter and her respect for the way he lived his life.
CG discusses a recent event involving her county sheriff's removal from office.
SK discusses her children and parenting.
SK shares her passion for the environment and protecting our world for future generations.
CG asserts her belief that politicians have too much power.
SK discusses Georgia's recent law which allows for the carrying of firearms without a permit or background check.


  • Cindi Gould
  • Susan Kleto

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