Darlene Dabbs and Vicki Smith

Recorded August 2, 2023 Archived August 2, 2023 52:58 minutes
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One Small Step partners Darlene Dabbs (69) and Vicki Smith (61) sit down for a conversation about their childhoods, religious beliefs, and political standings.

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Vicki Smith (VS) and Darlene Dabbs (DD) discusses why they decided to participate in a One Small Step conversation.
VS describes her upbringing and the struggles she faced in her adolescence.
DD talks about what it was like growing up with a father in the military.
VS brings up the importance of family and how she is close to her son.
VS and DD have a discussion about the religious aspect of their lives and how it shapes their beliefs and actions.
VS describes how she met her husband.
DD and VS talk about their church affiliations and the recent split of VS's church due to the acceptance of LGBTQ rights.
DD looks at the path that she took to develop her conservative perspective.
DD and VS discuss the tax system within the US.
VS Talks about the struggles she faces contacting her state representative.
DD discusses her beliefs on gun laws.


  • Darlene Dabbs
  • Vicki Smith

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