Daryoush Vaqar and Agnieszka Vaqar

Recorded August 6, 2022 Archived August 6, 2022 42:08 minutes
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Daryoush Vaqar (35) speaks with his wife, Agnieszka Vaqar (37), about their 10th wedding anniversary. They share the story of how they met and some highlights from their courtship.

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– Agnieszka shares exactly how they met
– Daryoush asks Agnieszka about the bus ride and their conversation
– Agnieszka asked Daryoush if he was Polish after learning his name
– Daryoush asks Agnieszka if it was love at first sight - she mentions that he had
– Agnieszka invited the group to come to Poland for Easter. She realized she
Agnieszka explains that the invitation for Easter was a thank you for “the boys.”
Daryoush remembers thinking I really like that girl, and he didn’t know if he’d
Daryoush asks Agnieszka what stood out about his first visit to Poland
Agnieszka's dad, Janusz, was upset because Agnieszka had referred to the young
Agnieszka shares the moment she realized she liked Daryoush was while he was
Agnieszka shares about their first summer. She was writing a thesis for her
Daryoush asks Agnieszka if she remembers their first kiss at the Atlanta
Agnieszka’s father had concerns about their relationship. Agnieszka put her
Agnieszka talks about their trip to Charlotte to meet Daryoush’s parents and
Daryoush talks about going to Poland to propose. It was a surprise to Agnieszka.


  • Daryoush Vaqar
  • Agnieszka Vaqar

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Atlanta History Center

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