Dave Meuret and Josh- Middle School, Biplanes and Confusion

Recorded September 16, 2019 Archived September 16, 2019 09:39 minutes
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Middle school teacher Dave Meuret shares some of his memories from growing up as Josh Herring, his student, interviews him.


  • Dave Meuret
  • Bradford Lardner

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00:00 If I had to go back to a moment in my past, I would go back to the moment that I met with my wife.

00:07 I was home. I was home by myself on a Friday afternoon. My roommates are out of town and this blonde girl, just showed of my house and she pretended that she didn't know who I was. But she didn't know who I was but I don't know who she was. And it turns out. One of my roommates sister. Is it just stopped at our house to use the bathroom and how do you happen to be with her? And I was very confused and I would like to do that over again.

00:51 Hello, my name is Jessica Herring and I'm here at Kinard middle school with mr. Murder at 8. September 13th, 2019.

01:09 This is a good one. Tell me about a time you got in trouble. So I'm in 5th grade. And I'm playing four square with my friend, Billy, but Billy cheated. And so, I popped him in the face and I got to go to the principal's office.

01:32 And Billy still have this car, and we're still really close friends.

01:39 So, you know sometimes when you hit somebody in the face, it's bad. But I mean that we kind of worked out.

01:51 I had to learn to control myself after that, but

01:56 What's the most beautiful thing you ever seen?

02:00 That's a, that's a tough question for a married man. Drop. The correct answer is my wife.

02:09 Meeting meeting your child for the first time is also a pretty beautiful moment.

02:14 Well, I mean so that the thing Josh is like which one do you say, if he's, if you say the wrong one year, you're in trouble? No matter which one you pick. So but my girls are pretty beautiful, too.

02:29 So, my family.

02:35 Who is the most influence in blue wentzel personal life?

02:41 I would say one of the most influential person in my life is my mother. She she's struggled with with multiple things that were out of her control her last year in college for father committed, suicide, and so,

03:02 Right? When she was supposed to become an adult, she had to overcome that.

03:10 In her first professional job. She was laid off because of budget cuts. And then in the 90s with mr. Clinton was President, she got laid off again because of some policies that he put in place to restructure government and government jobs.

03:32 What's going to happen to her again? And she struggled through that and she was retired now, and is I has

03:44 As a sustainable income from, you know, working hard and picking myself back up, but she never quit and she never gave up. And so she kind of taught me to do the same thing.

03:59 Coconut.

04:02 Elections coming up soon.

04:09 What would be, what would you be doing with your time? If you weren't at school?

04:15 What depends on the time of year. I guess, right now. It'd be golfing. I should play with your dad. I'd be skiing.

04:29 Set does a to things. I've been, I've been teaching my kids to do so Laura can ski. And she can put her figured out the driver yet. But, you know, those are the things that I would be doing if I could, you know, try to make sure my kids know how to do them as well as a family.

04:49 Well, my dad loves dolphin. So he's playing golf today. So his friends.

04:58 How would you like to be remembered?

05:02 When I was young I thought, you know, I thought I wanted Glory.

05:06 Don't know that, I would go riding to be remembered for some great Act.

05:13 I want to be, I want to be remembered for taking care of the people around me.

05:17 Well, I

05:18 I'll remember you.

05:30 Yes. Yes. I didn't have to say gentleman that many times. So thanks for that Josh.

05:42 Should be when you grow up, I want to be when I grow up.

05:55 I would like to.

05:59 Be a pilot like to be pilot was an old cartoon. You probably never heard of this. Josh, when I was a kid. There was a cartoon called talespin and has yellow the Yellow Sea plane, and I just thought I was a cooler show ever. And so, you know, when I win the lottery and I just get them to go, do whatever I want. In addition to call Finn skiing going to go, get my pilot's license.

06:27 Try to find that yellow by plane.

06:36 Well, that's that's changed as I've been a teacher. So as I've already told you, I ate, when I was in high school, I wanted that's one of the things I wanted to be. When I grow up was mr. Baker, my AP Calculus teacher. And when I got in the teaching at the high school level, that was my goal. And so my second year of teaching, a sermon teaching, AP Calculus. And I did that for 5 years.

07:04 And I didn't like that as much as teaching, the freshman in algebra or the seniors. Just trying to graduate. So will I thought that? That's, that's what it was going to be. That probably the most of film in its teaching the students, who struggle, but don't give up. So I really enjoy, you know, here Kennard. I really enjoy teaching math 7. I really enjoyed teaching and will I do enjoy teaching some the higher-level classes. I think thing that gives me the most fulfillment is those students who takes more year, but by the end of the year, they finally figure it out.

07:41 At the end of

07:48 At the end of interview, both participants are what they mean to each other.

07:54 It's like a first Josh. So one of the things that I love about you is you always have this big smile on your face. Even really remember that phase in your book where you like to come in every day. And say, I don't want to hear you were really just saying to the joke and you have his child smile on your face. And you were just so excited to come in and see what I would do.

08:21 I love that about you. I love your energy all day, love, you know, and just what the attitude that you bring to the room, despite the positive attitude. You bring to the room.

08:46 Never quit when you're doing your book. Never give up.

08:51 Keep going to your hardest and you're always funny. So and and as you said you it was a and I'm a jokester.

09:06 Not that I think I'm not funny, but you're an amazing teacher.