David Cooper and Andrew Allen

Recorded October 27, 2023 Archived October 27, 2023 55:10 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners David Cooper (69) and Andrew Allen (21) have an intergenerational talk about their faith, their careers, social support and political views.

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Andrew Allen talks about growing up in a small town with a Venezuelan mother amongst mostly white classmates. David Cooper talks about growing up in a small town with a WWII veteran father. He shares advice his grandmother gave him.
David shares his career path from civil engineering to working as a Hospice Chaplain and serving as the CEO of a Nonprofit combatting homelessness. He talks about mental health and his daughter.
Andrew shares shifting his pursuit of a career in computer science to design video games into cyber-security. He talks about becoming a leader in his faith community and considering Seminary school.
David shares his experience in Seminary school, studying languages and translation.
Andrew talks about the difference between living in the country and living in Fredericksburg.
Andrews shares having some views that are traditionally Conservative and some that are traditionally Liberal. He talks about abortion, immigration, welfare, government intervention, racism and alcoholism.
David hopes to find commonality. He sees God in so many people.
David hopes Andrew finds his main thing. Andrew considers how people of different faith traditions think differently.


  • David Cooper
  • Andrew Allen

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