David Little and Kevin Ryan

Recorded August 10, 2023 Archived August 10, 2023 50:02 minutes
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Friends David Little (62) and Kevin Ryan (49) talk about Kevin's experience in the military and remember David's father and grandfather, who both served in the military.

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Kevin Ryan (K) describes his childhood, and what led to him going to West Point.
K shares his experience being stationed in Alaska. David Little (D) shares that his dad was in Alaska too, until he was brought down to GA to help build military planes.
D describes his work to help uncover military stories and history. He shares that his father barely knew what his dad did in the military.
D talks about helping bring together folks who had family that served alongside his grandfather to better understand their shared stories.
K talks about taking control of a heavy machinery unity in Colorado in the early 2000s.
K remembers being in training on the morning of 911 and needing to get in touch with family in NY. He is deployed to Kuwait in 2003 and led 14 vehicles through Baghdad on his 29th birthday.
K shares stories of attempting to capture Sadam Hussein and how he made sure everyone in his unit respected the cooks and the food they were given.
K describes the changes within his unit once the war started, and how he felt emotionally in that shift.
K remembers losing soldiers in the battalion and recalls a near death experience.
K shares the story of Specialist Grey and how he and his battalion ensured he had enough blood to survive after being in an explosion. K also remembers people he knew that lost limbs from explosions and what they did after receiving medical help.
K describes how his military time inspired him to connect with local charities and donate a share of his profits from his brewery.
D remembers his father, his military experience, and the last words he said to him before he passed.
K and D talk about meeting each other over beer and sharing a lot of similar experiences and overlaps in their story.
K shares importance of sharing stories and D shares what one of his most prized possessions is.


  • David Little
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