David Perdomo and Sarah Gibson

Recorded March 4, 2023 Archived March 4, 2023 41:49 minutes
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David Perdomo (24) talks with his sister, Sarah Gibson (33), about becoming an uncle, growth, and his creative goals.

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DP talks about the ways that their family has changed in the last three years.
DP talks about how becoming an uncle has changed his worldview.
SG talks about growing up and the way that perspective can shift.
DP talks about what his niece has taught him.
DP and SG talk about their father and the lessons they have learned about money.
DP talks about being able to buy his father a computer.
DP and SG talk about David's goal of creating a film and challenge each other to pursue creative projects.
DP talks about social media and the ways that TikTok and YouTube changed traditional pathways to creative work.
DP talks about the TV series "The Last of Us" and the actor Pedro Pascal.
SG talks about the optimism she sees in DP.
SG and DP talk about their family dogs.


  • David Perdomo
  • Sarah Gibson

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Atlanta History Center

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